Clubs and Events

This page is for listing whip cracking clubs, events, and meet-ups across Canada and beyond! The links and information below are great opportunities for you to meet with our wonderful community and grow your skills. All are welcome, even if you haven’t ever held a whip before!

Don’t see a club or event in your area? Start your own! Canada Whips would be happy to help you get started. E-mail if you’d like to list your club or event on this page.


The Whip Dueling Group  (Toronto, ON) – Focuses on studying and practicing whip dueling and one-on-one whip combat. Quarterly meetings throughout the year, depending on scheduling, gym availability, and group interest.

Whip Crackers of London (London, ON) – A group that meets up to practice, teach, and share ideas about all things whip. Contact Justin Bereczki on Facebook or Instagram (@J.Whipper) for details!


Los Angeles Whip Cracking Convention 2021 – Burbank, Los Angeles. January 23, 2021
An annual convention hosted by Adam and Dakota Winrich! Whip cracking competitions, workshops, demonstrations, vendors, and more!

Past Events

Los Angeles Whip Cracking Convention 2020 – Burbank, LA. January 4, 2020

Ikthof Championships – Pembroke, ON. June 21-23, 2019 Bullwhip related events and games, as well as knife and tomahawk throwing championships.