Whip Crackers In Your Area!

This section lists contact information for whip crackers across Canada. If someone is listed in this section, it means they would love to talk about, teach, or practice whip cracking with you!

If you’d like to be listed in this section, e-mail CanadianWhipcracking@gmail.com with your name, area, social media/website, and a little bit about yourself!

The Greater Toronto Area

Justin Bereczki

Justin Bereczki – Whitby, ON.

“10+ years of whip cracking and I still can’t stop! I’ve spent a lot of time doing throws and ‘contact whip’ experimentation, but right now I’m working on Australian style whip cracking and more intricate two handed routines. I’d love to crack whips with you :)”

Maya Hall – Toronto, ON.

Competent whip maker, whip cracker, and fire arts performer. Regularly hosts whip making workshops in Toronto, and performs whip cracking and fire whip in shows!


Michael John Tyance – Regina, SK.

A talented whip cracker who excels at two handed Australian style routines. He is also a competent whip maker, and has even made his own bullock whip.


Franco Zoccali – Montreal, QC. Whip cracker and immensely talented whip maker, specializing in kangaroo leather bullwhips. Also an admin for Whip Cracking Enthuasiasts and The Whipmakers Hook on Facebook.

Sonia Legault (La Dame de Feu) – Montreal, QC.

A professional whip cracker and fire performer who is proficient in single and double handed whip cracking, as well as fire whip cracking.

British Columbia

No one here yet! Are you a whip cracker from British Columbia? E-mail us!

Don’t see your area listed on this page? E-mail us! Canadianwhipcracking@gmail.com