What Is Whip Cracking?

Generally speaking, whip cracking is the art of moving the whip around your body in such a way that it creates a loud noise (“a crack”) by breaking the sound barrier and causing a miniature sonic boom.

This can be done for numerous reasons including herding cattle, circus performance, dance, cosplay, hitting targets, hobby, and even sport.

Although the worldwide whip cracking community is relatively small, the amount of whip crackers around the globe is currently on the rise. Platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram are helping to spread our art form and inspire others to try cracking a whip!

With the hobby growing in participation and skill level every day, it would be impossible to cover all of the information available. Our website is just going to help you cover the basics!

In time, through participation with visitors and whip crackers around the globe, we hope to create an abundant resource for whip enthusiasts worldwide!