Two Handed Tricks

Welcome! In this section you will find a list of two handed whip cracking routines and brief descriptions of them. While we cannot list every two handed routine every made, we will do our best to keep this section full of common and notable tricks. If a trick is listed in blue it means that we have linked it to a relevant video or tutorial. However, keep in mind that to truly know how a routine is done you have to watch the whip cracker who created it!

Not sure where to start? Check out this video to see a bunch of different two handed routines!

Around The World: Created by Fiona Wilks. A rhythmic routine involving multiple Tasmanian Cutbacks, both staggered and at the same time.

A&W Combination: A rhythmic routine created by Adam Winrich. It is a simplification of the JB combination with a few changes to create a more continuous rhythm.

Back to Back: A routine involving Fast Figure Eights, Reverse Cattleman’s Cracks, and the Tasmanian Cutback.

Ben’s Helicopter: Created by Ben Hughes and his brother. One whip does the volley at the side, while the other does slow helicopters and volleys overhead, with the whip parallel to the ground. When done correctly, it should look similar to a helicopter taking off.

Bon Accord: Created by Greg Charleston. A repeating pattern using three cracks of the four corners, followed by an overhead flick.

Bridal March: Created by Noel Cutler. It is a rhythmic routine that uses the Queensland Crossover in one hand and the Sydney Flash and the Volley in the other in order to create the song typically played during a wedding.

Chaff Cutter: Created by Simon Martin. A rhythmic routine involving the Arrowhead, Volleys, and the Breakaway. It is supposed to replicate the sound of a piece of farming equipment used for cutting straw or hay.

Changing Eights: A Slow Figure 8 in one hand and a Fast Figure 8 in the other, where the two cracks of the Fast Figure 8 are done between the two cracks of the Slow Figure 8. After this, the roles of the hands are switched.

Crazy 88: Created by Aaron Bonk. It is a skip over done with Fast Figure Eights.

Cross March: A variation of Cutler’s March where one hand does six cracks of the volley instead of two fast figure 8’s.

Cutler’s March: Created by Noel Cutler. It is a rhythmic routine involving fast figure 8’s, cattleman’s cracks, and the rally.

Cyclone: Created by Ben Hughes. Alternating Fast Figure Eights while your arms are crossed in front of you.

Dan’s Simplicity: Created by Daniel Wicks. One hand does Hassett’s four corners, while the other does other cracks including the volley, the arrowhead, and the snake killer.

Death March: Fast Figure 8’s and Volley Cracks in one hand, while the other does the Snake Killer in between. When done correctly, this trick should make a musical beat.

Diana’s Crossover: Created by Diana Hurley. It is similar to a Queensland Crossover, but done behind your back.

Double Arrowhead: Created by Fiona Wilks/Smith. Both whips do the arrowhead at the same time, with one whip going underneath the other.

Double Cross: Created by Danny Shaw. It is a Queensland Crossover with Hungarian Pig Drover cracks added in, creating an eight crack crossover.

Drover’s Two Step: A rhythmic routine involving fast figure 8’s and the cow and calf.

Each Way: The Slow Figure 8 in each hand, opposite to itself (i.e. a Cattleman’s Crack in one hand and a Reverse Cattleman’s Crack in the other)

Each Way Four Corners: Created by Ben Hughes. It is comprised of Hassett’s four corners in each hand, operating opposite to each other like the regular each way.

Felandy Hoofbeats: Created by Andrew Thomas. In this routine the whip cracks with the same timing as a horse doing a walk, trot, canter, and gallop.

Fi’s Crossover: A variation of the trick Fi Style by Fiona Wilks, created by Adam Winrich. It is a seven crack pattern that repeats on both sides, where your arms cross while doing Fast Figure Eights.

Fi Style: Created by Fiona Wilks. A routine involving cracks with the arms crossed, as well as a Tasmanian Cutback.

The Gunslinger: Created by Mike Murphy. A routine that involves Fast Figure Eights, Tasmanian Cutbacks, and Underhand Flicks. It is supposed to replicate a quickdraw artist taking out his guns.

Hassett’s Four Corners: Created by the Hassett family. This routine involves doing Hassett’s Four Corners in each hand.

Headhunter: Created by Angie Mooney. It is four cracks of the arrowhead in one hand, followed by the same four cracks in the other hand.

Intertwine: A routine where one hand does the Volley in the frontal plane, and the other hand does different cracks to the side, so that the whips cross one another. This trick requires good timing and has multiple variations depending on which cracks the whip crackers sends through the volley.

JB Combination: Created by John Brady. It is a fast rhythmic routine with a musical beat.

Just Curious: Created by Justin Bereczki. A Queensland Crossover with shoulder rolls to change lead hands.

Kahona: Created by Greg Charleston. It is a variation on the Queensland Crossover done using Breakaways, and typically creates a rhythmic beat.

Launceston Special: Created by Ben Hughes. It involves adding multiple moves into the Queensland Crossover, including an around the neck throw and a Tasmanian Cutback.

Machine Gun: Two Fast Figure 8’s in each hand, followed by four cracks of the Volley in each hand. These cracks should all be staggered so they occur in rapid succession.

Majura: Created by Andrew Thomas. It includes an Overhead Crack done underneath the other arm, while that arm is doing a Drum Roll.

Maltese Falcon: Created by Adam Winrich. It adds a few cracks into the Queensland Crossover in order to switch lead hands.

Mary Had A Little Lamb: A musical routine to the tune of “Mary Had A Little Lamb.” It uses Fast Figure Eights and Cattleman’s Cracks.

Messerschmitt: Created by Ben Hughes, where the whips imitate a WWII fighter plane shooting bullets through its propeller. This trick involves a volley held up high, and cracks being sent through it, similar to an intertwine. It should be done using short whips.

Mincer: Created by Noel Cutler. It is two overhead Slow Figure Eights in a staggered or balanced timing.

Mr. Peaches: Created by Todd Rex. It involves gainer tosses, wrist rolls, under arm throws, as well as The Volley and the Queensland Crossover.

Murrumbridge Echo: Created by Greg Charleston. It uses overhead flicks and three cracks of the Four Corners/Arrowhead to make a repeating pattern.

Nothing Special: Created by Fiona Wilks. A Queensland Crossover that uses a Tasmanian Cutback, a Flick, and two Cattleman’s Cracks with arms crossed to change lead hands.

Orient Express: Created by Adam Winrich. A Queensland Crossover with Tasmanian Cutbacks and reverse Overhead Fast Figure Eights in order to change lead hands.

Outback Flicks: Created by Fiona Wilks. A routine where both whips do the Arrowhead, as well as add an extra crack into the Slow Figure Eight.

Paul’s Magic: Created by Paul Manwaring. It is a rhythmic routine where one whip does fast figure 8’s while the other does Hassett’s four corners. The hand doing the four corner’s occasionally skips a crack in order to make a specific rhythm.

Queensland Crossover: An Overhead Crack followed by a Reverse Overhead Crack in each hand, where the cracks are staggered to make this order: Overhead, Overhead, Reverse, Reverse. The hand which starts is typically placed on the bottom when the arms cross.

The Rally: A Fast Figure 8 in one hand followed by a Fast Figure 8 in the other.

Reverse Cyclone (Unofficially): A backwards rally done in the frontal plane.

Roseview Special: Created by Paul Manwaring. A rhythmic routine involving staggered Volleys and the Breakaway.

Skip Over: Created by Justin Bereczki. A staggered slow figure 8 in each hand in the frontal plane, where one whip is thrown and caught over the other arm before it is cracked.

Simon’s Helicopter: Created by Simon Martin. A rhythmic routine involving a Queensland Crossover in one hand, and a Slow Figure Eight in the other.

Simon’s Lightning: Created by Simon Martin. It is similar to the Queensland Crossover or the Kahona, but the whip cracks four times in each hand in the pattern.

Scott’s Crossing: Created by Andrew Thomas. It is a Queensland crossover in one hand, and Hassett’s four corners in the other.

Steam Train: Staggered cow and calfs, which increase to top speed and then decrease back down, in order to sound like a steam train starting up, travelling, and then pulling into the station.

Sudden Impact: Created by Fiona Wilks. A Drum Roll in one hand while doing different cracks in the other hand, including a Tasmanian Cutback, and Overhead Cracks and Volleys done underneath the arm that is doing the Drum Roll.

Sydney Flash: A routine that uses the Sydney Flash in each hand, typically done in different timings and directions.

Tamar Valley Untangle: Created by Ben Hughes. It involves a variation of the Intertwine done on both sides including Drum Rolls, a Tasmanian Cutback, the Four Corners, and some Majura Cracks.

Tareem: Created by Fiona Wilks. It involves maintaining a volley in one hand while doing multiple different cracks in the other, including a backwards flick out of the Cattleman’s Crack.

Tasman Crossover: Created by Ben Hughes. It is a Queensland Crossover that repeatedly uses Tasman Flicks to change lead hands.

Tasmanian Crossover: A variation of the Queensland Crossover where one hand does Fast Figure 8’s and Volleys while the other does the Queensland Crossover.

Tasmanian Twist: Created by Chris Beck. It is a rhythmic routine comprised of the rally, the Tasmanian cutback, and the cattleman’s crack.

Thirteenth Floor: Created by Todd Rex. It involves adding thirteen different throws into the Volley and the Queensland Crossover.

Toronto Twist: Created by Justin Bereczki. It is a Queensland Crossover done with throws around the arm in order to change lead hands.

Tranquility: Created by Daniel Wicks. It involves adding the Four Corners, Tasmanian Cutbacks, and other cracks into the Queensland Crossover, as well as changing lead hands.

Unravel: Created by Danny Shaw where your arms cross before doing two cracks, and then uncross into a multi-crack pattern involving a fast figure eight, a Tasmanian Cutback, and four cracks in the overhead plane.

Wilks’ Wonder: Created by Fiona Wilks/Smith, it is a variation of the Queensland Crossover where the whip is thrown around the neck.