The Basics

Looking to learn some whip cracks but not sure where to start? This is the place! Below are the first five things that you should learn to begin your journey to whip mastery.

1: The Cattleman’s Crack

The Cattleman’s Crack (AKA the circus crack) is arguably the most fundamental whip cracking technique. Almost all other cracks are based off of the principles of this simple movement.

2: The Reverse Cattleman’s Crack

The Reverse Cattleman’s Crack is just like it sounds: a cattleman’s crack, but done in the opposite direction. Learning this crack will allow you to do a basic routine called the Slow Figure Eight, a pattern that can be repeated indefinitely.

3: The Overhead Crack

The Overhead Crack is an iconic and visually striking crack that happens over your head. This crack is essentially a Cattleman’s Crack, but it is done horizontally in the overhead plane.

4: The Reverse Overhead Crack

The Reverse Overhead Crack (AKA a flick) is like an overhead crack, but the directions are reversed. If you would swing clockwise for an overhead crack, you will swing counterclockwise for the reverse overhead crack (or vice versa). Doing this crack after an overhead crack will result in a one handed version of a routine called The Queensland Crossover.

5: Put them all together!

Once you’re confident with all four of these cracks, it’s time to try combining them. You’ve learned to crack your whip forward, backward, left, and right, as well as horizontally and vertically. This means that you will be able to get the whip to crack no matter where it is around you! Practice these moves until you can comfortably and confidently change planes and directions. Try turning all four cracks into your own routine!

Now… What’s next?

Well, that’s up to you! It’s time to develop your style. Check out our Whip Cracks & Tutorials section for lists of different cracks and moves that you could learn next. Watch the videos below for some inspiration!