Other Moves

The following is a list of other moves commonly used by whip crackers, specifically when doing one-handed whip cracking. The majority of the moves on this list find inspiration from juggling, circus, and flow arts communities, and as such are less about getting the whip to crack and more about how the whip is being moved around your body.

(We are currently working on a tutorial series on this section. Until it is complete, we recommend checking out this video by Justin Bereczki which  demonstrates most of the tricks on this list.)

Flourish: An extra spin or otherwise unnecessary movement in order to make the performance more aesthetically pleasing.

Bodywrap: A move where the whip is wrapped and then unwrapped around the whip cracker’s body, typically before or after an Overhead or Reverse Overhead crack.

Hand Transfer: A move which transfers the whip from one hand to the other.

Neck wrap: A hand transfer where the whip is wrapped around the whip cracker’s neck and caught in the other hand.

Wrist Roll: Releasing the whip during a rotation and catching it in the same hand after it has rolled around your wrist.

Toss: Throwing the whip into the air.

Neck Toss/Wilk’s Wonder: Throwing the whip around your neck and catching it with the same hand, typically before an Overhead Crack.

Elbow Toss: A toss where the whip is wrapped around the elbow, grabbed by the thong, and thrown into the air.

Reverse Elbow Toss: A toss where the whip is wrapped under the elbow and thrown into the air by pushing the elbow upwards at the right moment.

Shoulder Roll: A contact whip move where the whip is thrown through the armpit, wraps around the shoulder, and the handle rolls over to the other side of the neck.

Gainer Toss: A toss invented by Todd Rex. The whip is cracked in a Cattleman’s Crack or Overhand Flick, and then the butt of the handle is immediately pushed and thrown upwards, causing the whip to flip over and land back in the whip cracker’s hand.

Reverse Gainer Toss: A toss invented by Todd Rex. Similar to a gainer toss, but done backwards (after a reverse cattleman’s crack, for example).

Kick-up: The whip is wrapped around the whip cracker’s waist and released so it comes around behind them before it is kicked back up into the other hand.