Below you will find links to websites, Facebook groups, Youtube accounts, and other online spaces that are relevant to whip cracking. If you’d like to see a link added, removed, or updated on this list, please email


Australian Whipcrackers and Plaiters Association – The official website for the AWPA, which promotes and regulates sport whip cracking throughout Australia.

The Bullwhip Index – An extensive index of whip makers, performers, and teachers.

The Bullwhip World Records – A list of whip related Guinness World Records, including past and present record holders.

Faceplait – A tool developed by Mike Icon to help whip makers and cord crafters quickly and easily design fancy patterns and generate the over / under sequences needed to plait them.

Facebook Groups

Sport, Circus, and Performance Whip Cracking – “An international forum and contact point for family friendly whip crackers.”

Whip Cracking Enthusiasts – A group where whip crackers from around the world share videos, ask questions, and chat with each other.

Whip Makers – A group where whip makers can learn from each other.

The Whipmaker’s Hook – A group aiming to unite people interested and involved in the craft of whip making. Share, compare, ask questions, and more!

Youtube Channels

Adam Winrich – Whip cracking tutorials, demonstrations, and other whip related videos.

April Jennifer Choi – Whip cracking tutorials, tricks, and other whip related videos

Bernie46 – Leather whip making tutorials

Nathan Griggs – Whip cracking world records, tricks, and whip cracking set to music.

NicksWhipShop – Full length nylon whip making tutorials

Swordguy Builds – Tips for whip making and whip cracking

Witchcraft Whips – Leather whip making tutorials and theory