Double Whip Fundamentals

(This section is being updated as more tutorials are being released. Check back soon for more!)

Want to learn how to crack two whips at the same time? This is the place to start.

1. Timing Variations

The most important thing to understand about two handed whip cracking is timing. There are four different timing variations: Balanced, Staggered, Same/Together Time, and Each Way. These four timings are especially important for learning rhythmic routines, and tricks that involve the whips operating parallel to one another.

2. Timings with the Slow and Fast Figure Eights

The next step is applying the timing variations to the Slow and Fast Figure Eights. Learning all four timings with these two combination cracks will greatly increase the amount of tricks you can do with two whips.

3. Learning More Routines

Now that you’re confident with the Figure Eights, you can start to learn more complex routines with both hands. These routines will help increase your ability to move your hands independently from one another.

4. The Queensland Crossover

If you’ve made it this far, you’re ready to learn one of the most important routines for two handed whip cracking: The Queensland Crossover. This routine is fundamental for a wide variety of two handed tricks, and often serves as a first step into more intermediate level routines. It might take you a while to perfect this trick, but trust us: it’s worth it!