Common Combinations

The following is a list of “Combination Cracks,” or patterns of cracks that commonly go by another name. To learn the individual cracks that make up these combinations, check out our Basic Cracks section.

(We are currently working on a tutorial series for this section. Until it is complete, we recommend checking out Youtube tutorials by Adam Winrich or April Choi.)

Slow Figure 8: A Cattleman’s Crack followed by a Reverse Cattleman’s Crack.

Cow and Calf: A Cattleman’s Crack followed by an Underhand or Sidearm Flick.

Fast Figure 8: A Cattleman’s Crack followed by a Back 8 Crack.

Volley: A set of cracks done by swinging the whip back and forth, like the motion in the Fast Figure 8.

Breakaway: A Fast Figure 8 with a third crack added at the end by swinging the whip in front of you horizontally.

Arrowhead: A Volley done while moving the whip from your left side to your right, so the whip creates an “arrowhead” shape while looking from a birds-eye view.

Sydney Flash: A Fast Figure 8 done with an Overhand Flick instead of a Cattleman’s Crack, followed by a Cattleman’s Crack.

Queensland Crossover: An Overhead Crack followed by a Reverse Overhead Crack.

Slow Helicopter: A variation on the Queensland Crossover where the whip is cracked aimed backwards instead of forwards.

Hassett’s Four Corners: A four crack pattern which is widely considered to be the hardest single-handed whip technique, and was created by Charlie Hassett. While doing a Slow Helicopter, push the whip out in front of you after doing each of the backward cracks in order to get a flick type crack in front of you. This four crack combination is usually only possible on a stock whip because of its long handle, and got its name because it sends the cracks to the North, South, East, and West.