What Type?

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The first step in choosing your whip is deciding what type of whip you want. While there are several different types, bullwhips and stockwhips are by far the most common, and are likely what you will be deciding between for your first whip.

Choose a bullwhip if you want a whip that:

  • Is heavy
  • Is loud
  • Likes to flow in one direction
  • Has a more “balanced” weight
  • Flies predictably when thrown in the air
  • Is good for targeting, cutting, and grabbing objects
  • Makes you look like Indiana Jones!

Choose a stockwhip if you want a whip that:

  • Is light
  • Is fast
  • Likes to be cracked back and forth
  • Has a longer handle for more control and technique
  • Can be cracked with a flick of the wrist
  • Is good for two-handed whip cracking
  • Allows for the most difficult and advanced tricks!

Can’t decide? You’re in luck! In the past several years, a new type of whip has gained increasing popularity with beginners and professionals alike. It is most commonly known as a Performance Hybrid (PH) whip, and it combines the aspects of what makes both bullwhips and stockwhips great. PH Whips have a medium length handle, medium weight, and can be cracked like a bullwhip or like a stockwhip depending on the user’s technique. PH whips are a great option for whip crackers who are just beginning their journey into the hobby, and are currently one of the most popular types of whips in Canada.

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