General Guidelines

Buying a whip can be an expensive purchase. Here are some things to keep in mind:

DON’T buy a whip:

  • From a maker with no good pictures of their work.
  • From eBay or Amazon, especially if it is cheap. These usually aren’t high quality whips, even if they look like it.
  • From a source that doesn’t seem reputable or high quality. Most whip makers take pride in their work, and yours should too.
  • Just because it’s a “good deal.” Remember, its only a good deal if it’s a good whip!

If you’re buying a whip, DO:

  • Look at pictures of the makers work
  • Ask others where they purchased their whips
  • Contact makers directly to communicate your wants and needs
  • Be patient with your maker (making a good whip takes a lot of time and a lot of work!)
  • Be willing to pay more for quality. The difference between a bad whip and a good whip is astounding, and will greatly influence what you are able to accomplish later on.

Now that we have some general guidelines out of the way, its time to get to the fun bit: choosing the specifications of your whip. The type and length of whip that you choose will influence the types of cracks that you do most often, and help create your style. Because of this, we recommend choosing a whip that is similar to the whip of your favourite whip cracker. Chances are, if they like it, you will too!

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